Syllabus Language

Download Instructions

For the templates and syllabus language you have two options:

  • Navigate to File > Download > Microsoft Word Document
  • OR navigate to File > Make a Copy to save a copy to your personal Google drive.

Please download the traditional accessible syllabus template or the online course accessible syllabus template first. All the language and formatting inside meets policy standards for UMD and Robert H. Smith and the document is accessible and can be read by a screen reader in the form of a Google Document. If you change the document type of the file, please re-check it against accessibility standards.

Additionally, you may want to reference the UMD academic calendar while you plan out your semester.

Syllabus Resources

The following resources can help you prepare your syllabus and class for the semester ahead:

Syllabus Language

The following documents contain prepared syllabus language that can be directly copied and pasted into your syllabus. The language included meets both UMD and Robert H. Smith standards for the academic year (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020).

External Syllabus Resources

There are many offices on campus dedicated to helping faculty with this task. Consider the following resources: