Teaching During Campus Closures

To set yourself up for success in online teaching, you can download the accessible syllabus template for online classes.

Teaching on campus this Fall?

If you have questions about what face-to-face instruction will look like in the Fall, please visit UMD's Health and Safety Protocols for Fall 2020 - Faculty FAQ.

Getting Started Online at Maryland Smith

Teaching online has many benefits for both instructors and students. Understanding the tools you’ll be using and preparing for this new teaching environment sets the class up for success. The following resources may help:


Online Instruction

These resources can be used to help advance your online instruction and clarify critical details such as student privacy and online final exams. Especially during the troubling times of COVID-19, we may need specific resources for how to support students during this crisis online.

Online Student Engagement

The online student experience can be extremely engaging with the right course design. Incorporating online cases, polls, and active learning strategies can enhance the student experience.

Faculty Support

Email SmithTeach@umd.edu for OTL support and teaching consultations.

Canvas ELMS


Exams and Assessment


Creating Video Content



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