OTL Teaching Newsletter 2019 - Fall Vol 2

The Office of Transformational Learning's Teaching Newsletter
Fall 2019 | Vol. 2

The biggest thing that helped me was…warm-calling. You give the students a question and allow them to discuss it in a group and then…ask them to share. The quiet students who wouldn’t normally participate suddenly participate a lot more. It encourages classroom discussion and deep thinking.
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Did you know that Warm-Calling
is the new Cold-Calling?
Educational research has shown that providing students with time to discuss and prepare ideas facilitates more in-class participation. It is particularly helpful for international students and students that are hesitant to speak up in class.

Try warm-calling with:

» Group/pair activities in class

» Case discussions

» Problem-solving exercises

» Content review

Photo of Protit Dastidar
Protiti Dastidar, PhD is an associate clinical professor and associate Chair of the Management and Organization Department. She has extensive teaching experience in institutions around the world including almost 10 years here as a Smith faculty member. She has earned recognition and awards for excellent and innovative instruction thanks to her dedication and focus on real-world applications of her content, experiential learning, and student engagement.

Most schools don't help with onboarding new faculty, even new adjuncts, and not much attention is paid to teaching in general…One thing I do appreciate here at Maryland…we've got OTL and this onboarding. I know when I hire a new adjunct that I have to send them to OTL…and say ‘Go get some help and figure out how this is done.’

» As you prepare for finals week, please review this quick guide to ‘Best Practices for Ensuring Academic Integrity’.

» Remember that any suspected incidences of academic integrity violations should not be discussed with the student or other faculty members. They should be reported immediately to The Office of Student Conduct. An academic integrity referral can be filed here.


Dec. 10 DivIT Webinar:
‘New Canvas Gradebook’

12:00pm - 12:30pm • Details

Dec. 11 TLTC Workshop:
‘Help! I'm teaching this winter.’

9:00am - 12:00pm • ESJ 0201 • Details

Dec. 11-17 Final Exams

Jan. 15 OTL: New Smith Faculty Workshop
Required for all new faculty and adjuncts.
4:00pm - 7:00pm • VMH

Jan. 21 OTL: PhD Student-Teacher Workshop
10:00am - 1:00pm • VMH

Jan. 22 OTL: Existing Faculty. We're Baaack!
Faculty workshop to prepare for the semester.
4:00pm - 7:00pm • VMH

Image of a camcorder
The whole team is on a mission to support faculty development through the creation of digital teaching content and videos. They film and produce OTL’s TeachTalks interview series and Smith faculty repeatedly share how easy the process is with this team. OTL’s EdTech team provides creativity, support, and technical expertise to bring your instructional ideas to life.

Providing videos and digital content is beneficial for student learning and engagement and is a great way to add Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to your class.

Click here to schedule a time to chat with the team.
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